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Join Friends of Bangor


Benefits of joining Friends of Bangor

We warmly welcome you to join us in this Friends of Bangor CMRP alumni group.

We have been formed to represent the interests and views of mindfulness practitioners who engage with CMRP and to help form communities of like-minded people.

  • Practice day with Rebecca Crane – held at Bangor university on a Saturday Date TBA
  • FoB discount at the CMRP 2019 conference (advance booking)
  • Use of FoB logo on your website for the duration of your membership
  • Forum on the web to connect with your community
  • Connection days – by CMRP
    • Facilitated by the 25 core teachers at the CMRP
  • FoB Connection event for past CMRP students
    • Connect and practice with like-minded people in your area
  • Discounts to FoB members from connected organisations
  • Opportunity to volunteer and get involved in the FoB
    • Got ideas and enthusiasm, contact us to participate and make the community grow


Click the following link to be taken to the registration page REGISTRATION


Membership fees and Donations

All committee and workgroup members contribute on an entirely voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for their work.

In our first full year of operation, we chose to charge a membership fee (£24.99) to cover administrative costs associated with running the FoB and which was collected and administered by CMRP and ring-fenced for FoB activity.  This fee has now been rounded to £25 to simplify matters.

From 1 August 2018, as part of a number of changes at CMRP, our services are hosted by The Mindfulness Network. They will not be charging an administration fee and will be providing our volunteers with access to their services to manage bookings for events. They have welcomed FoB as an organisation supporting their charitable aims.

The FoB needs to cover the basic costs of events and expenses related to FoB activities. Based on feedback, we would also like to give the Friends who cannot easily contribute time to our community the opportunity to contribute funding to our activities and our aim to grow the community through donations.

The Mindfulness Network have agreed to collect the donations on our behalf, as long as our activities fit within their charitable purpose. Read about our donation policy here: DONATIONS

Thank you.