Joining a Zoom Meeting

How to join a Zoom meeting?

Joining a Zoom meeting is easy, you can do it in two ways:

  1. from a computer or mobile device: this is the best way!  It will allow you to use the audio and the video of your computer or mobile device, so you can see other participants in the meeting and they can see you, that makes interactions much more lively.
  2. from a telephone: this is a good backup and Zoom as local telephone numbers in pretty much all countries.

Access from a computer or mobile device

How does it work?  First, install Zoom on the device that you want to use for the meeting, then at the time of the meeting, click on the link of the meeting (provided on the Friend of Bangor event page for example).  That’s it!

To install Zoom on iOS, click here to download Zoom from the App Store  (more info available in the Getting Started guide for iOS).

To install Zoom on Android, click here to download Zoom from  Google Play (more info available in the Getting Started guide for Android).

And to install Zoom on a computer, go to the Zoom website and have a look at Getting Started on PC and Mac page.

Access by phone

You will need two things: a local telephone number to call Zoom and the meeting ID.  The meeting ID will be provided for you by the  meeting organiser (typically on the Friends of Bangor event page), and here are some local telephone numbers:

  •         +44 203 051 2874 United Kingdom
  •         +44 203 695 0088 United Kingdom
  •         +33 (0) 1 8288 0188 France
  •         +33 (0) 7 5678 4048 France
  •         +351 308 804 188 Portugal
  •         +351 308 810 988 Portugal

Other local numbers are available, find yours here.

Help me!

Do get in touch with us in case of issues with installing or joining a meeting   We suggest that you install Zoom in good time before the meeting as we may not be able to assist at the very last minute.