Organising Committee

The Friends of Bangor Committee is constituted of volunteers looking after the association’s good running and organising all the activities.

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Carole Lacy

Events & Recruitment Coordinator (TTP)

Catherine Fortin

Virtual Events Coordinator

Dorothy Dimer

Events & Recruitment Coordinator (CMRP)

Feryal Melville-Polat

Membership Coordinator

Gill Johnson

MN Transition Coordinator

Kay Bruce

Newsletter Editor

Marianna Baschiera

Social Media

Naomi Buneman

Events Coordinator

Sandrine Cranswick

Newsletter Editor

Stephan Schoenig


Victoria Door

Events & MN Transition Coordinator

Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) Liaison

Dr Rebecca Crane

Director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University

Dr Gemma Griffith

Director of CMRP Postgraduate Programmes at Bangor University

Mindfulness Network Liaison

Dr Alison Evans

Executive Director – Mindfulness Network

Dr Sophie Sansom

Teacher Training Lead - Mindfulness Network

Former Committee Members

Heather Cayzer

Ken Lunn

Maureen O’Callaghan

Tina Jones

Gwenan Roberts

Helen Stephenson

Per Norrgren

Vicky Walduck

Stephan started his career as an IT professional and in 2011, having been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that causes pain and disability, he started to learn mindfulness as a skill to enjoy the present moment more and welcome life changes, whether good or bad, with open arms. Not only did mindfulness change his life for the better, it made his relationship to work more fulfilling.

Indeed, emerging research shows that mindfulness training in the workplace helps employees and companies become more resilient and competitive.Excited by this prospect, Stephan started studying for a Masters in Mindfulness Approaches at Bangor University, to understand the science better and bring mindfulness to his workplace.

Now, in addition to his day job, Stephan teaches mindfulness to a variety of populations. He finds great satisfaction as participants discover more helpful ways of living everyday events and increase their enjoyment of life both at home and at work.Stephan is excited to be joining the committee and is looking forward to evolving the digital presence of Friends of Bangor. Improving on our usage of digital technologies could help our community strive better in a world where our members are scattered around the globe.

For over twenty-five years, Carole Lacy worked professionally in Mental Health both as a Registered Mental Nurse and with a charity supporting working age people diagnosed with dementia and their carers.

Following a cancer diagnosis she had a complete change of direction studying fine art, design and sculpture for six years before starting a business designing, producing and marketing decorative fountains. These have been sold throughout the world.

Carole has had a meditation practice for most of her adult life as well as an interest in various forms of spiritual and personal development. However, it was only after taking an MBCT course at Oxford Mindfulness Centre in 2016, that mindfulness meditation became an indispensable part of her life. The urge to share the benefits of mindfulness resulted in her training to teach MBSR with the CMRP on the Teacher Training Pathway.

Since January 2018, Carole has been teaching MBSR to the general public in the West Midlands area and is loving it! 

Catherine is a clinician and a mindfulness teacher in London and in Lille.She has completed the Oxford Foundation course in MBCT, furthered her training in Sainte Anne’s Psychiatric Hospital in Paris and attended residential courses, neurosciences modules in Bangor. She is on the ACCESSMBCT therapist register and a listed teacher on the U.K. mindfulness network. She teaches MBCT to clinical and non-clinical population.

She enjoys teamwork and learning from others.She is interested in all approaches that may improve mental wellbeing.She has a background in General Practice, Mental health and Public health both in the U.K. and in France.She also trained in Jungian analysis and Psychosomatic Medicine. She discovered meditation several years back and began practicing regularly five years ago.She is teaching MBCT in clinical and non-clinical settings.

Having the experience of distance learning it seemed quite logical to her to become involved in the development of an online Community. Thanks to the CMRP, the Friends and Alumni group, Per Norrgren and Stephan Schoenig in particular the project took off in January.Amongst her interests of note are trauma resolution, mountaineering, meeting people of all walks of life and cultural activities.

Dorothy is currently working as a Civil Servant in the Department for Work and Pensions and alongside her duties delivers information sessions on Mindfulness within the Civil Service.

Dorothy is a Mental Health First Aider and a Time To Change workplace champion.  Dorothy has been trained by the Alzheimer’s Society as a Dementia Champion, delivering training and information sessions both within and outside the Civil Service.

As part of Dorothy’s championing mental health and wellbeing, Dorothy came up with the idea of putting wellbeing at the heart of line management and came up with the concept idea of a Team Leader Hub.  The Team Leader Hub is a one site page with links to guidance on wellbeing and sources of assistance to enable colleagues to find sources of support and assistance.

Dorothy is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Approaches at Bangor University and is looking forward to teaching Mindfulness to the general public as well as within the Civil Service.

Dorothy is passionate about inclusion and diversity and is looking forward to working with Friends of Bangor and Mindfulness Network to bring about increasing diversity and inclusion within mindfulness.

Feryal works as an independent mindfulness teacher with both the general public and school communities in the Cheshire area. Her mindfulness experience started when she joined the weekly Practical Philosophy course provided by the School of Economic Science. She has been practising Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N Goenka since she attended a 10 day silent retreat in 2009. She is currently undertaking a MSc in Mindfulness degree at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University.

Gill works as an independent mindfulness teacher with general public and workplace groups in West Surrey, patients in hospital settings and school communities (as a Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) trained teacher). Her mindfulness experience includes the very personal experiential training that comes with living with pain; various retreats/courses with CMRP, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Breathworks and MiSP; and currently more formal training of the Bangor Masters programme. She is particularly interested in supporting the cultivation of good mindfulness teaching which can sustain participants after completion of the 8-week course.  For 2018-19, Gill has been awarded an Oxford Mindfulness Centre Accessibility Fund grant. She has already put the money to good use to promote a sustainable mindfulness programme for foundation doctors and associated staff.

Gill was the Event Coordinator for Friends of Bangor from inception until 2019 - much gratitude for all your support!

Kay started her career as a teacher and trainer in languages for business and medicine. With a M.Ed. specialising in learning technologies, she is keen to share good practices in live online teaching.  For 25 years Kay ran a company offering corporate training in communication for management, became a Positive Psychology coach and came to Mindfulness through Mindfulness-based Strengths Practice. After her first MBSR with Bangor in 2013, a growing connection with Mindfulness meant that she began offering short courses based on the tools of Mindfulness.  Inspired by feedback from these, Kay is developing further offerings live online and in person (in French) while continuing her own path of practice and learning.  “Mindfulness is lifestyle-changing for me, a gradual subtle shift of paradigms and parameters?.

Originally from South Africa and now living in the UK, Marianna has worked in schools as a teacher for 5 years and has spent most of her academic career studying psychology in some form or other. Her particular interests are in relationship dynamics and neuroscience. Having been introduced to mindfulness practice through yoga in her teens, she embarked on a deeper exploration of mindfulness at Bangor University and is now halfway through her Masters. She practices Insight Dialogue meditation as well as spending time in nature to reconnect with herself and the environment. She teaches yoga, mindfulness and relationship coaching and by night masquerades as a writer.

Naomi lives in Cambridge and has been practising mindfulness since 2013.  She has trained to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with Bangor University, and is currently working towards accreditation as a Breathworks teacher.  Her practice is also informed by Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, Focusing, and Interpersonal Mindful Communication.  She runs drop-in sessions and workshops on a number of topics associated with mindfulness, and will soon be running Breathworks Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses.

Sandrine has been practicing meditation since 1994 under the guidance of her Buddhist teacher. About 10 years ago her teacher encouraged her to teach mainstream mindfulness. Mindfulness and meditation have been such a daily support and inspiration that she was delighted to the possibility of sharing with others.

She did the Teacher Training Pathway with the CMRP, PawsB with MISP and completed the Mindfulness in the Workplace training at OMC with a Certificate of Competency. Sandrine is currently on the Masters programme at Bangor University.

Sandrine has been teaching MBSR courses in West Sussex since 2014 for the general public, and the last two years in the workplace and in primary schools. She is delighted to help the community by being part of the committee of FOB

Stephan started his career as an IT professional and in 2011, having been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that causes pain and disability, he started to learn mindfulness as a skill to enjoy the present moment more and welcome life changes, whether good or bad, with open arms. Not only did mindfulness change his life for the better, it made his relationship to work more fulfilling.

Indeed, emerging research shows that mindfulness training in the workplace helps employees and companies become more resilient and competitive.Excited by this prospect, Stephan started studying for a Masters in Mindfulness Approaches at Bangor University, to understand the science better and bring mindfulness to his workplace.

Stephan is excited to be joining the committee and is looking forward to evolving the digital presence of Friends of Bangor. Improving on our usage of digital technologies could help our community strive better in a world where our members are scattered around the globe.

Victoria’s background is in Alexander Technique and Modern Foreign Language teaching. She is an Honorary Fellow at Keele University where she worked in teacher education. Victoria is currently studying on the MSc in Mindfulness at Bangor University and is interested in possible synergies between Mindfulness and the Alexander Technique.

Rebecca Crame PhD directs the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and has played a leading role in developing its training and research programme since it was founded in 2001. She teaches and trains internationally in both Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Her research and publications focus on how the evidence on mindfulness-based interventions can be implemented with integrity into practice settings. She has written Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Distinctive Features 2017, co-authored Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with People at Risk of Suicide, 2017 and is a Principle Fellow with the Higher Education Academy.

Gemma is the Director of CMRP Postgraduate Programmes and holds a PhD in Psychology. She has had a daily practice of mindfulness meditation since 2010, and has trained to be a mindfulness teacher with the CMRP and gained the Certificate of Competence in Teaching Mindfulness Based Courses in 2015. She teaches MBSR courses to the general public population. Her current research interests include exploring group process in mindfulness courses, qualitative research, mindful parenting, and the adaptation of mindfulness-based interventions for people with learning disabilities.

Alison Evans is the Executive Director of the Mindfulness Network (MN) charity and has been a core part of its development since it was founded in 2012. In addition she is a mindfulness-based teacher, trainer and supervisor, and worked for some years at the University of Exeter on MBCT research trials. She has an MSc is Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy (MBCT) and is a Doctor of Clinical Research. Her major research was about mindfulness-based supervision, which is a particular interest, hence her role as supervision lead with the MN and within the CMRP training team.

I lead the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) Teacher Training Pathway for the Mindfulness Network (MN), while also working for Bangor University (BU) as Module Organiser for the teaching assessment modules on the Masters programme and am an apprentice teacher-trainer on the CMRP Masters and training programmes.  I am currently a Lead Trainer for the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and an MBI-TAC assessor for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC).

I am interested in exploring ways in which Mindfulness can impact key social challenges such as equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as the climate emergency. I see the value of community in the field of secular mindfulness and as a result, founded SiTT (support for integrity in teaching and training), a peer-led community of mindfulness teachers, trainers and trainees that support one another to meet ongoing good practice guidelines at monthly meetings, community days and other events.


I graduated from University in 2001 with a degree in psychology. I have an MPhil and PhD in Psychology by Research, exploring features of mindfulness training in both secular and comparative religious contexts. My training as a mindfulness teacher and trainer began within a Buddhist context and has since been developed by the universities of Exeter, Oxford and Bangor and the Mindfulness Network.

Further Information

My family background bought me in to contact with Mindfulness practice at a young age, my father being ordained within Triratna Buddhist Order. After completing my doctorate, I undertook a period of reflection in monastic settings in India, Thailand, Burma and at a Tibetan monastery in Scotland. This time enabled me to put theory into practice, shaped my thinking and developed my wish to create a more mindful and compassionate society in which our children, and future generations can flourish.  I can be contacted via email at

Heather recently moved in 2019 from administrative support for Friends of Bangor to be a member of the FoB committee. Heather is currently completing her Mindfulness teacher training with Bangor University, teaching the MBSR course to staff. She also volunteers with Barnardos.

Until 2018, Heather provided administration support while Friends of Bangor was hosted on CMRP systems. Much thanks for all your work!

Ken is the Business Manager at the Mindfulness Network.Meditation became a core part of Ken’s life over 20 years ago, supporting him through a difficult period of his life, and later on as a senior manager in the NHS. His “retirement? is now focussed on developing his skills as a mindfulness teacher and supporting the community in whatever way possible. Ken has an MA at Bangor CMRP, and teaches in West Yorkshire. His MA thesis explores ways of bridging national information with the needs of the mindfulness community, and he is keen to continue with that research.

After providing IT support, Ken moved to being the liaison and interface for the transition to the Mindfulness Network in 2019. With much gratitude for your support!

Maureen first became interested in the mind body connection over 30years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer and as part of a complementary approach to dealing with her illness she learned how to meditate. Now her meditation practice is an important aspect of a life she would describe as “engaged Buddhism?.

In November 2013 Maureen founded Now Unlimited, a social enterprise providing mindfulness-based interventions that improve the health, wellbeing and performance of individuals, teams and organisations and to undertake research into the application of mindfulness in work with disadvantaged groups. Building upon a background in voluntary sector management, ten at a senior level, she established a business model where all aspects of the business are underpinned by mindfulness principles. Maureen has since handed over the running of the business in order to embark on a PHD exploring the link between mindfulness, character strengths and ethical business practices. Her hobbies include travel, walking, reading and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Maureen joined Friends of Bangor from its inception until 2019 and provided the legal support. Much gratitude for all your work!

Tina trained as a Social Worker in 2004 and worked at Barnardo’s in a variety of roles and settings across North Wales. Tina has worked closely with Children’s Social Services completing parenting assessments and delivering intensive one-to-one parenting interventions to families. Tina is trained in group work and has delivered various Incredible Years® parenting programmes including The Autism Spectrum and Language Delay programme. In 2010 Tina completed her Incredible Years® Certification and started supporting newly trained workers, which she found very enjoyable. In 2012 building on her interest in practice education, Tina was trained as a Practice Teacher, assessing and supervising Social Work students. Later as part of her role became a Mindfulness Practitioner, teaching MBSR to colleagues and also The Mindfulness Nurturing Parents programme devised by (Eluned Gold) to foster carers, parents and carers. Tina has supported The Centre of Mindfulness Practice and Research in her spare time by assisting a MBSR course at Bangor University and is currently assisting a local MBSR group.

Bu Gwenan yn gweithio yn y Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol fel therapydd iaith lleferydd arbenigol a rheolwr am 36 mlynedd. Yno fe fu’n gweithio gyda plant ag oedolion gyda anableddau dysgu, awtistiaeth, anghenion cymhleth, troseddwyr ieuanc ac unigoion a oedd yn arddangos ymddygiad heriol. Y mae’n dysgu Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar ers 2014, gan dderbyn tystysgrif dysgu MBCT ac MBSR o Brifysgol Bangor yn 2016, ac fe gwblhaodd MA yn 2018. Yr oedd ei thraethawd hir yn trafod addasu rhaglen wyth wythnos i’r Gymraeg, gan ganolbwyntio ar ddefnydd o eirfa, ieithwedd a cherddi i gyd fynd a’r rhaglen craidd.Y mae hi yn dysgu MBSR yn y gweithle, ynghyd a rhaglen wedi ei haddasu ar gyfer rhieni plant a phobl ieuanc awtistig, ac oedolion awtistig ac anableddau dysgu. Y mae hi’n gweithio yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg ac ar gael i weithio gyda’r cyhoedd yn gyffredinol.

Gwenan worked in the National Health Service as a specialist speech language therapist and manager for 36 years. There she worked with children and adults with learning disabilities, autism, complex needs, young offenders and individuals who exhibited challenging behaviour.She has been teaching Mindfulness since 2014, receiving an MBCT and MBSR teaching certificate from Bangor University in 2016, and completed an MA in 2018. In her dissertation she explored adapting an eight-week program to ‘Welsh, focusing on the use of vocabulary, language and poems to accompany the core program.She teaches MBSR in the workplace, as well as a program adapted for parents of autistic children and young people, and adults with autism and learning disabilities. She works in Welsh and English and is available to work with the general public.

Helen has spent a life time dedicated to the practice and study of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, meditation and counselling. She is a level 3 mindfulness teacher and is qualified as a trainer of mindfulness teachers. She trained with Dr. Patrizia Collard and with Jody Mardula and Cindy Cooper of the CMRP BU. She is the co-author of the Mindfulness diet and the Mindfulness cookbook. Helen also holds a Masters from Hamburg University.

Per Norrgren is the Director of Training and founder of inMindSight. Before establishing the Algarve Mindfulness Centre, he was a Visiting Tutor at Cranfield School of Management where he developed and taught the Mindfulness for Higher Performance programme.

Having experienced the life-changing impact of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme for himself, Per has been passionately studying and delivering mindfulness training in a variety of settings ever since, working with schools, local charities, corporations and government departments. In his own time, Per supported the local community in Bedford, UK, with a free weekly meditation group that had some 300 members.   Per trained as a mindfulness teacher with Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness and with Breathworks CIC, and complies with the good practice guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.

Vicky Walduck is a mindfulness teacher and trainer in Bournemouth and has completed an MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches at Bangor. Vicky’s master’s thesis investigated the effects of shortened mindfulness courses on self compassion and attention. She has practiced meditation for over 20 years and is passionate about bringing the tools of mindfulness to others. Vicky has trained to teach .b with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and has delivered mindfulness training to local councils and companies and holds regular sitting groups and courses. She holds a first degree in Life Science and Psychology from the University of Southampton and a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). Vicky is a self proclaimed book monster and studies anything scientific from organic chemistry to nutrition. She is also a Listening Volunteer with the Samaritans and in her spare time she practices Tae Kwon Do and plays the flute in a concert band.