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To represent the interests and views of mindfulness practitioners who engage with CMRP.

I gynrychioli buddiannau a barn ymarferwyr ymwybyddiaeth ofalgar sy’n ymgysylltu â’r GYYYO.

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We are happy to be able to announce that Ciaran has offered to run another masterclass this autumn. The day will be an opportunity to deepen our Mindfulness practice with reflection inspired by the discussion in MBCT for Depression of the driven-doing mode of mind: “The broader sense of the present, in what might be called its full multi-dimensional splendour’ is missed”. Gill Johnson will support this event.

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Can we contact you about Friends of Bangor news?



Friends of Bangor is an independent group of mindfulness practitioners who have previously engaged with CMRP (Alumni). The FoB team co-lead the CMRP agenda to bring together the mindfulness community and facilitate an engagement process to benefit the wider field. Our intention is that by supporting and fostering a communication platform, mindfulness practitioners on the group can inform CMRP of issues emerging and help shape the provision offered to better meet the community needs and interest.